UFO Research Facts

Formatted By CammoDude


- In 1990, over 10,000 UFOs were reported:
4,000 in the United States
2,000 in South America
3,000 in the U.S.S.R.
1,000 in the rest of Asia
500 in Europe

- Data from Paul Ferrughel of the National Sighting Research Center indicates you are most likely to see a UFO between 9 and 10 PM during January.

- For the five year period of 1986-90, January, followed closely by October, was the peak month. June was by far the lull month. February, March, April, May and December were strong months.

- The 9 to 10 PM time slot was almost twice as active as the next period. As suspected, the hours from 7 PM to 2 AM were the more active time periods.

- The duration of the typical sighting was from 3 to 9 minutes. Sightings lasting from 10 to 27 minutes were next, and those from 1 to 2 minutes were next. Sightings of less than one minute far exceeded sightings longer than 30 minutes.

- Disk/round UFOs and "other" shapes were reported significantly more often. Deltoid shapes were next most popular followed by Ovals, Lights, Rectangular and Cylinders.

- 1988 and 1989 were peak years for reports, followed by 1990. 1986 had the least number of sightings during the five year period evaluated.



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